Monthly Wrap – April 2023

Hi everyone!

April has wrapped up (but not Winter apparently; can you tell I live in Canada?) and so it’s time to wrap things up here too. Things didn’t go exactly as I had planned, but hopefully that just helps to keep things interesting around here.

In all seriousness, I will try to do better going forward. While this is mostly for fun, I do want to take things seriously as far as being consistent with my posts. I’m trying to build at least a little following after all, so it’s really the least I can do. But hopefully you guys won’t hold it against me this one time.

And with that out of the way, time to take a quick look at what I actually DID manage to accomplish in April. Let’s get started!

What I Did…

Like I said, things didn’t quite go to plan this month. I blame the change of seasons and a truly miserable head cold, but I’m still sorry I couldn’t stick to my schedule and finish Spellmaker in time. Not to worry though; I’m on track and one-hundred percent ready to review it for next month, so stay tuned for that!

Read or Roast continues to be a fun, if not futile quest to shrink my book list. And no I have not added more books since the last time how dare you even suggest such a thing.

But also, don’t look okay? There’s absolutely no need to check.

Finally, the second half of my oldest completed short story made it’s debut. While it was quite an accomplishment for me when I was young, I have to admit it’s definitely in need of some work. I might revisit it someday when I find the inspiration. But first I should actually write some new stories to post here.

Hopefully the muse will strike, but otherwise this very optimistic segment may become more of an occasional thing. Very occasional.

What Comes Next…

Like I said, Spellmaker is number one on my list and I will be posting that review sooner rather than later. I may even have a short segment or two to make up for it – no promises of course, as I am the queen of promising more than I should.

Otherwise, I’ll be trying to figure out some new ideas for this blog and finding a way to boost my momentum. With any luck (and with everyone’s very lovely support) I’ll make this into a proper blog yet!

As usual, I want to wrap up this wrap up (still not sorry) by thanking everyone who continues to read and leave likes and comments on my blog.

It really means the world to me, and it’s what encourages me to keep working and keep writing every day. Thank you.

Happy reading everyone! See you all in May.

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