Full Line & Copy Edit

You’ve finished your manuscript and you’re ready to get your novel out there. Now it’s time to focus on readability to give your readers the best possible experience and keep them immersed in your prose.

Focusing on a line-by-line editing process, this service corrects and smooths your text while retaining your style and narrative voice. My job will be to edit your novel word-by-word to ensure clarity, flow, and to remove any distractions from your text.

The following is included with this option:

  • Spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, hyphenation and capitalization
  • Dialogue expression: style, tagging and punctuation
  • Cliché and awkward metaphor
  • Use of tenses
  • Letter, word, line and paragraph spacing​
  • Character and plot level consistency
  • The effectiveness of pace and flow
  • Telling vs showing prose

You will also be provided with a detailed report on my observations while editing your book, and a style sheet complete with all my decisions regarding hyphenation, numbering, capitalization, spelling variation, punctuation style and idiom usage.

Format: Microsoft Word Document
Price: Subject to review of a sample

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