Book Review Guidelines

Please note: book review submissions are currently closed until further notice.

My Reviews

My reviews will begin with the book’s summary/blurb and will present my thoughts on several areas, including the plot, overall pacing, characters, dialogue, and overall enjoyment of the story. These reviews are simply my thoughts and opinions about a particular book after I have finished reading it. Just because I don’t love a story, doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it!

All reviews will be publishing on my blog, on the Here Be Dragons Facebook page, and to my Goodreads account and will receive a rating out of five stars, with an additional rating of “favourite” if it is something I will definitely read over and over again.

My reviews will always be honest and as spoiler-free as possible. And I will always strive to find the best elements of every story. If, however, I am unable to finish reading a book for any reason, I will inform the author/publisher and no review will be written.

Please keep in mind that no book is perfect and works submitted may not receive a positive review.

My Rating System

I COULD NOT PUT THIS DOWN! This book absolutely blew me away. From the characters to the plot, I loved everything about it and I would highly recommend it!

This book was super enjoyable and I definitely feel lots of people would like it, or even love it. There might be a point or two I felt could be improved, but overall this is a solid story and a fantastic adventure!

The book is solid in most places, but probably didn’t absolutely blow me away overall. There may be a few issues or things I disliked, but I could definitely see other readers enjoying it.

There may have been a few moments I enjoyed, but the book as a whole left something to be desired. There’s probably some great elements, but not something I would recommend.

This book was not for me and I, unfortunately, didn’t enjoy it. Maybe it’s a matter of taste, but I would pass on this one.

Review Timeline

Review request submissions will be added to a queue. It can take up to a few weeks before the book is read and the review can be written and scheduled to be posted. Please be patient.

Upon requesting a review, I will inform you of your position in the queue and an approximate timeline for the post to appear.

If you need a review ready for a particular date, please state this in your request.

If the queue gets too long, I will close submissions temporarily.

Requesting a Review

Please make sure you have read and understood the above guidelines, and then use the contact form below to submit your request.

Please provide the following with your request:

  • The Title and Author of the book
  • Your connection to the book (are you the publisher, agent, author, etc)
  • Genre
  • A short description of the book
  • Deadline (if required)

If I accept your submission I will be in contact with you within 48 hours to provide an approximate timeline for when the review will be completed.. Please send me a free copy of your book in PDF format. A hard copy of the book is not required unless you do not have an electronic version.

I can’t wait to read your book!

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