Monthly Wrap – March 2023

Well we made it through March everyone! And hopefully, for those of us in the cold, north, we’ll soon leave Winter in the dust too. But considering there’s still frost on my windows and a cozy sweater on my back, I’m not holding my breath.

At least all this cold weather is perfect for being cozy with a good book (or two) and that’s what really matters!

So, to say a fond farewell to March, let’s see how well I managed to stick to things this month.

What I Did…

March was a busy time for me, so I was glad I could stick to my plan (mostly) and managed to post once a week! It’s not much, but I’m still so pleased to get back into this and be able to do it consistently, even if it’s not as often as I would prefer. Small steps are still steps!

My never ending quest to shrink my TBR continues to be chronicled in Read or Roast. And while I appear to somehow be making negative progress when it comes to actually having less in the hoard, I have to confess that it’s still one of my favourite posts to write. At least this way I get to dive in and see what I could be reading next! Soon! Definitely soon!

Probably the biggest highlight for me was being able to review The Dark Heart of Redemption by Darran M Handshaw, yet another book that was long overdue for it’s time in the spotlight, but was absolutely worth the wait. I previously reviewed the first book in this series, The Engineer, so it was great to get my hands on the sequel and continue the adventure. I highly recommend both books, and you can check out both reviews for more details as well!

I was also given the opportunity to spotlight a new book by Rebecca Crunden, These Violent Nights. It was such a fun experience as always to work with BBNYA tours again, and considering that this author was one of the first to ever reach out to me for a review, it felt especially important to me. And I just might need to get my hands on a copy too.

Finally, I managed to post the first half of a (very) old short story as well. Looking back on it now, I can definitely say it’s not as strong as it could be, and I might try to rework it a little in the future. But this series is about me sharing my writing with the world; as long as I’m not being driven off the internet for it, I will consider this post a massive success.

What Comes Next…

The reading and writing stops for no one – except my work hours, sadly – so there’s plenty in store for April.

To keep things short, I’m planning on posting my review of Spellmaker by Charlie N. Holmberg. I reviewed the first book in this duology earlier last year and loved it. Check it out if you haven’t already and hopefully we’ll see the sequel live up to all the hype in my head.

Stay tuned for that exciting news, I guess!

As usual, I want to wrap up this wrap up (still not sorry) by thanking everyone who continues to read and leave likes and comments on my blog. It really means the world to me, and it’s what encourages me to keep working and keep writing every day. Thank you.

Happy reading everyone! See you all in April.

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