Monthly Wrap – February 2023

Once again the end of the month has snuck up on me without warning and left me scrambling to wrap things up. I know its not technically the end of February and I still have some time before March bursts through my doors, but I made a schedule and dammit if I’m not going to stick to it.

As much as possible anyway.

Either way, lets have a look at what we managed to accomplish.

What I Did…

Speaking of schedules, so far I’ve actually managed to (almost) stick to mine! At least for now; the year is still young after all, but I’ll take my tiny victories where I can. Yes, today’s post was late, but I have a good excuse: it’s Winter where I am and I really wanted to hibernate like a bear.

Despite the small delay today, I’m still pretty happy with how this month turned out. In particular, I was thrilled to be able to post my review of The Marauders, The Daughter and the Dragon after such a long wait. Thank you again to the author for their endless patience, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, have a look at my post and then get to reading! It’s the perfect book to make you laugh and forget your Winter woes.

I also managed to get back into my Read or Roast posts, and hopefully that will help with my never-ending reading list. Maybe. Either way it was fun to showcase some of the books I’m excited about, and even say goodbye to the ones I wasn’t feeling anymore. And it’s fun to do a little roasting once in a while too.

Finally, I plucked up the courage to actually post one of my short stories. It’s been a long time since I managed something like that, and I feel proud of myself for doing it. And since none of my readers told me I was a talentless hack, I think I must be at least ‘okay’ at this whole writing thing.

We’ll see what happens next month!

What Comes Next…

Still lots more reading and writing ahead for March, so look out for that!

This month (spoilers) I’ll be posting my review of The Dark Heart of Redemption by Darran M. Handshaw. It’s the eagerly anticipated sequel to The Engineer, and absolutely worth the wait.

I previously reviewed the first book in this series, so if you feel like checking it out – and you should – you can see my review here and also find it on Amazon Canada to get your own copy.

Aside from that, I’m hoping to have my next short story up soon, as well as the next Read or Roast, which will be coming up next week. Consistency is key, and that’s my goal for the next little while; hopefully the results will be worth it!

As usual, I want to wrap up this wrap up (still not sorry) by thanking everyone who continues to read and leave likes and comments on my blog. It really means the world to me, and it’s what encourages me to keep working and keep writing every day. Thank you.

With that sappy moment out of the way, let’s finish off February in style. Or at least with less snow!

Happy reading everyone!

Check out more of my posts below!

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