Read or Roast: April 2022

Hi Everyone! 

Welcome back to Read or Roast: a monthly post to forcehelp me to reach my goal of having a maximum of one hundred books in my Goodreads TBR by the end of 2022. Every month I’ll go through my TBR and pick at least one book I want to actually read, and one book to roast in Dragon Fire!* You can check out last month’s post here.

Let’s have a look at this month’s contestants!

*Important Disclaimer: absolutely no books will be burned in making of this meme. I’m a book dragon not a monster.

Read or Roast…?

Along the Razor’s Edge by Rob J. Hayes

No one escapes the Pit.

At just fifteen Eskara Helsene fought in the greatest war mankind has ever known. Fought and lost. There is only one place her enemies would send a Sourcerer as powerful as her, the Pit, a prison sunk so deep into the earth the sun is a distant memory. Now she finds herself stripped of her magic; a young girl surrounded by thieves, murderers, and worse. In order to survive she will need to find new allies, play the inmates against each other, and find a way out. Her enemies will soon find Eskara is not so easily broken.


I’ll admit I’m a bit torn on this one. I’ve read more than a few reviews about this book, and the consensus seems to be somewhere in between “Read this immediately” and “Burn this immediately,” which makes it a fitting choice to be featured in this segment.

But I can’t resist the appeal (or not) of the gritty, tough-as-nails survivor who would drop kick a child to achieve her goals. It probably says something about me, and none of it is good. But that terrifying cover alone makes this a book worth getting through.

Read or Roast…?

The Ranger of Marzanna by Jon Skovron

When their father is murdered by imperial soldiers, two siblings set out on opposite paths—one will destroy the Empire forever and the other will save it—in this thrilling new Russian inspired epic fantasy from Jon Skovron.

Sonya is training to be a Ranger of Marzanna, an ancient sect of warriors who have protected the land for generations. But the old ways are dying, and the rangers have all been forced into hiding or killed off by the invading Empire.

When her father is murdered by imperial soldiers, she decides to finally take action. Using her skills as a ranger she will travel across the bitter cold tundra and gain the allegiance of the only other force strong enough to take down the invaders.

But nothing about her quest will be easy. Because not everyone is on her side. Her brother, Sebastian, is the most powerful sorcerer the world has ever seen. And he’s fighting for the empire.


I wish I had a better reason for discarding this book, but my overall thoughts when I look at it now are… meh. I just can’t muster up the interest in the plot or the cover that I did when I first added it. And I have waaaaaaay too many TBRs on my shelves already that I’m dying to get to to make space for something I’m not pumped about.

Sorry Ranger of Marzanna, you’ve just been roasted.

Current Number of Books in my TBR: 265.

Two less than last month. Progress (sloooooooooooowly) marches on!

Thanks for reading everyone!

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