TBR Treasures: Shadowless

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TBR Treasures is a new monthly series on my blog, where I dig through my TBR hoard and emerge with either a book I’ve recently added, or something I’ve been excited about for a while, and highlight it. Because there are some truly awesome books out there and they deserve to be celebrated for how fantastic they are. You can check out my previous highlights here!

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This Month’s Selection is…


Author: Randall McNally
Length: Hardcover, 499 pages
Published: 6th December2017
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Fantasy | High Fantasy

What if the gods themselves wanted you dead?

A young boy lies on a beach on a warm summer’s day. While trying to block the sun from his eyes Arpherius makes a shocking discovery; he has no shadow. Confused and bewildered he asks his uncle why he is shadowless. What he learns is a terrifying secret that will change his life forever.

Set in the Northern Realms, Shadowless is a fantasy novel about individuals born without a shadow. Spawned by the malevolent deities of this world these children of the gods are persecuted at every turn. Hunted by the high priests who carry out the wishes of their gods, hunted by the Shadow Watchers; armed soldiers who are assigned to each temple, and hunted by the gods themselves.

Part-mortal and part-god, the Shadowless live for centuries and face a battle for survival, constantly on the run or hiding in far-flung corners of the Northern Realms.

Soon their lives and fates become intertwined, expedited by the mysterious monk Amrodan. Driven by a series of visions Amrodan travels through the Northern Realms, seeking out the Shadowless and trying to enlist their help to take a stand and fight back against the gods.

When the author contacted me, asking if I would read and review his book, I went to Goodreads to see if it might be something I was interested in. And of course, it absolutely was. The first few lines of the summary absolutely pulled me in, and the concept itself, the part-mortal children of the gods being hunted down by their divine parent and their followers, sounded too dark and incredible to refuse! I’m so excited to find out just how amazing this book is… and I will very soon, because I plan to read and review this book before the end of March. Let’s see where this adventure takes me!

You can check out this book on Amazon (CA) and Goodreads

Thanks for reading everyone!

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