Monthly Wrap – January 2022

Hey Everyone!

I can’t believe January’s already come and gone right out the window – along with my tolerance for a Canadian winter. At least I had a bunch of good books to keep me company! And I had more than enough after Christmas… and then I bought more with gift cards… and then more after that too. At least we know I won’t run out of books for my hoard any time soon!

As usual, I want to start by sending out a big thank you to everyone who reads my reviews and to everyone who continues to follow me week after week on my internet journey. Every single view means so much to me, so thank you all for your support. You’re all amazing and I hope January has been nothing but a great start for you in 2022.

Onto a quick wrap of the month!

What I Did…

This month I managed to get three reviews out for The Engineer, Lakesedge, and The Cruel Gods, and a Showtime post about Foundation. Not to mention some book tags and a few other posts that I’m really excited about. Hopefully I can keep that up for the rest of the year without too much hassle.

Top Five Tuesday continues to be my favourite weekly meme, but I was also happy to start something new with TBR Treasures and Read or Roast posts. I’ve also (tentatively) planned out what I want to read over the next few weeks, so I’m counting that as a win and a good start for February. There were some incredible stories to rave about last month, and I’m sure this one will be exactly the same!

What I’m Reading…

This month I’ve started reading a few new books and hopefully I’ll be able to finish them off by the end of the month. There are so many great titles, and two of them are by indie authors! I’ve actually already reviewed one of these books at this point, so I’m on quite the roll!

What Comes Next…

I decided to add one more little series to my blog starting this month. One of my own personal resolutions for this year was to get back into creative writing – something I have posted about previously on this site – since I haven’t been able to devote as much time and energy to it as I would have liked in the past few… years. 

So, I decided that one way to help get me back into the habit was to make a monthly-ish post about the process, just as a check in to see where I am with my projects. It’s more of a personal post, but it feels like a good way to have some accountability. Hopefully you guys will help keep me on track.

Otherwise, I’m fairly pleased with my posting schedule so far so I’ll be continuing with that! And I think I’m getting into a real groove with my reviews lately too.

Honestly, I’m just excited to get into February and leave the January blahs in the dust.

What I’m Looking Forward To…

Just like in last month’s wrap up, I’ve listed a bunch of amazing titles releasing in February that I’m incredibly excited for.

Thank you so much for reading everyone. I hope you had a fantastic January and that your new year is off to a great start. Here’s hoping we can all keep to our resolutions, and get out of 2022 in one piece. At least it’s not 2020 again!

Thanks for reading everyone. Check out more of my posts below!

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