TBR Treasures: The Binding Tempest

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to TBR Treasures: a new monthly series on my blog, where I dig through my TBR hoard and emerge with either a book I’ve recently added, or something I’ve been excited about for a while, and highlight it. Because there are some truly awesome books out there and they deserve to be celebrated for how fantastic they are.

Should I probably do this every week because I add books to my TBR at a rate that calls my sanity into question? Probably. But I am trying to have less books crowding the hoard – while also feeding my fiction addiction – so once a month seems like a good limit for now to help me with my self control.

Or should I say… shelf control?

Let’s get started!

This Month’s Selection is…

The Binding Tempest

Author: Steven Rudy
Series: The Luminance Saga #1
Format: Paperback
Length: 430 pages
Published: 1st June 2021
Publisher: MysticHawk Press LLC
Genre: Fantasy

A fallen empire, a failed republic, and a frontier of alchemy, magic and machines…

An age of alchemy, magic and machines has arrived in the wake of a fallen empire that left the world lost and vulnerable. In the war-torn cities, where gas lamps glow, an ancient threat stalks the energy of souls.

Ellaria Moonstone, a hero of the Great War, has spent the last forty years trying to rebuild. But when she is suspiciously requested to attend a meeting at the Ascendancy Tower in Adalon, she discovers the Coalition of Nations has fallen under the control of a new Sagean Dark Lord. A luminary with the power to control energy, has finally emerged to reclaim the vacated throne. With no one left to trust, Ellaria sends for help from old allies scattered across the chaotic frontier.

Now three aging veterans and a band of young rogues, are all that can protect the failing republic from the return of an evil empire. Together, their only hope lies buried with the mysteries of the past and an ancient relic called the Tempest Stone.

Recently on Twitter, there was a challenge going around to read twelve books recommended by twelve friends, and I decided to go for it as well. The result was that I received so many amazing recommendations that I absolutely had to add them all to the hoard (and no I am not sorry).

The Binding Tempest by Steven Rudy was one such recommendation and it looks incredible! I wasn’t able to fit it into the challenge unfortunately, but there’s no way I was going to let this one pass by. I was sold already with “alchemy, magic and machines”, but what really drew me in was the protagonist, Ellaria Moonstone: an aging veteran and the farthest thing possible from a whiny teenage protagonist.

Absolutely nothing wrong with teen heroes – I absolutely love them to death – but they are pretty standard in fantasy. So when I see an older protagonist – particularly who’s elderly, experienced, and a badass lady all in one – it’s such a refreshing change.

The reviews on Goodreads were all positively glowing, which just cemented my decision, and I cannot wait to get started with The Binding Tempest as soon as I can!

You can check out this book on Amazon (CA) and Goodreads!

Thanks for reading everyone!

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  1. Great new feature! 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing what else is on your TBR!

    (Ha ha, shelf-control … I’m totally stealing that! Ha ha!)

    Liked by 1 person

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