Top Five New Authors of 2021

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This week’s topic is the Top Five New Authors of 2021. I was so lucky to find some incredible new authors this year, and enjoyed some awesome books. Hopefully I can find even more amazing new talent in the New Year (or at least new to me, given how long I usually take)! For now, I chose five of the best new author’s I’ve found this year, as well as the books I’ve read from them so far.

On to this week’s Top Five!

Top Five New Authors of 2021

Charlie N. Holmberg – Author of Spellbreaker

Holmberg had already been very successful with The Paper Magician series long before I picked up Spellbreaker, but this is the book that really made me fall in love with her. She has such a flowing writing style, and her characters drew me right into their stories like they’d grabbed hold of my hand and pulled me right into the mess. And it’s awesome. I still need to pick up the sequel, but after that, I’ll definitely be checking out The Paper Magician and just about anything else this author has done.

L.L. Macrae – Author of The Iron Crown

I don’t want to undersell this, but L.L. Macre may just be one of the best new fantasy authors I’ve read in a very long time, on top of being a wonderful person every time we’ve interacted. I read and reviewed her novel, The Iron Crown a while back, and I was absolutely enthralled. I’m hoping to get a hold of the sequel next year, as well as some of her other works (one of them involves sky pirates!!!).

Karen M. McManus – Author of You’ll Be the Death of Me

Anyone who saw my stop on The Write Reads blog tour will know just how much I loved this book, and it officially made this author one of my top favourites for mystery thrillers – YA or otherwise. She has a few other mysteries out there that look like they’re in the same style as You’ll Be the Death of Me, so I’ll be grabbing those, along with the sequel to this book as soon as it’s out!

Martha Wells – Author of All Systems Red

Is anyone surprised that I want to rave about All Systems Red some more? I fell head over heels in love with this author’s leading star: an introverted robot who could have gone on a murder spree, but would much rather watch their shows instead. I’m so excited for the rest of this series, and for the rest of this author’s library as well.

Rebecca Crunden – Author of A Touch of Death and The Outlands Pentalogy

Rebecca Crunden was the first self-published author who ever contacted me for a review, and sent me on my quest for more excellent self-published and indie books. Not only is her series a phenomenal work that got me back into dystopian fiction, but this author is also a wonderful person who has been nothing but kind and supportive, and actively works to promote more indie authors on her other twitter account. I’ve already finished three of the five Outlands books, and I’m planning on finishing the series in the new year. If you haven’t read this series yet, I absolutely recommend it.

Did I mention any of your favourite authors here? Any recommendations for who I should read next? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading everyone!

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