Show Time: Only Murders In the Building

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TV Series 2021– Rating: TV-MA Episodes: 10 Length: 30min

What’s It About?

Only Murders in the Building is the story of the three neighbors in an upscale Upper West Side apartment, Charles (Steve Martin), Oliver (Martin Short) and Mabel, who all have one thing in common: a near obsession with true crime podcasts. An obsession that becomes very convenient when one of their neighbors is found dead in his apartment.

From there, the trio decide to take on the case, using all their amateur sleuthing skills to follow the clues and catch a killer.

And make a sweet podcast, of course.


This show could have easily been forgettable; easy to watch and easy to spot the killer who’s probably played by the big-name actor of the cast.

However, thanks to a clever dose of tongue-in-cheek self-awareness and a stellar cast, we instead have a series that’s far smarter – and funnier – than anything I was expecting. And it’s awesome.

The characters are nothing short of delightful. Selena Gomez was a surprising stand-out, (and not just because of that fabulous yellow coat) but Martin and Short aren’t far behind.

The trio have incredible chemistry, and while there are plenty of hilarious jabs – mostly from Short, whose sass is permanently set to devastating – it’s never mean-spirited. They’re always a team when it counts, and everyone brings something unique and valuable to the show, and to the investigation.

Of course, half the fun is trying to guess who the killer is, but Only Murders manages to keep it under wraps until the last moment. You think you know what’s happening, right before the plot throws the entire puzzle to the floor and leaves you scrambling to make sense of the pieces.

Who’s lying and why? Who knows more than they’re saying? I was on the edge of my seat trying to figure it out, and in the end – without spoiling anything – the reveal is masterfully, deviously set up, and it’s all right under our noses.

Everyone has secrets, nothing is what it seems, and everything is spectacular. 

A second season is already on the way and there’s still plenty of mystery to unravel. You can binge the whole thing in one sitting and enjoy every second of it; just like a great podcast. Definitely check this out if you haven’t already.

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7 thoughts on “Show Time: Only Murders In the Building

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      1. Gotcha.

        I was a little surprised and a little not. The not was mostly because there was clearly another twist due to how many episodes were left, and a shortage of characters who would have the right dramatic impact (to try and dance around possible spoilers for other people). I didn’t really have a reason to see it coming so it was still a surprise in that sense, but still not, if that makes sense. I’ve got to say, this sort of “no way to guess but only one possible dramatic outcome” resolution to a mystery is my least favourite – but I still enjoyed it a lot overall.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I agree. I still enjoyed it, and it had the right dramatic punch, but I definitely wish there had been more clues leading up to it.
        Trying to dance around spoilers here lol, but yeah still enjoyed the drama of it at least!

        Liked by 1 person

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