Monthly Wrap – October 2021

That’s a wrap for Spook-tober! And the first month where I’ve actually managed to start posting again. I’m so happy to finally get back into this and putting out more reviews and other posts on this silly little blog.

Once again, a big thank you to anyone and everyone who comes by to check things out here. I appreciate every single view, favourite, and comment as well as all the amazing people I’ve met since I started here. You’re all incredible and I couldn’t do this without you.

Now, onto a quick wrap of the month as well as a sneak peek into everything to come in November!

What We Did…

Keeping in mind my new goal of reviewing fun movies and shows along with some great books, I’d say this month started off pretty well. I got to read two great books and saw a pretty cool movie (you can check out those reviews in the links above) and in general I enjoyed myself.

I also managed to score a bunch of new books for my TBR list! So hopefully we’ll look at some more amazing (and spooky) new reads very soon.

But knowing me, it might be a while. Sorry!

What Comes Next…

Yup, we’re doing this.

I love writing, but I haven’t been able to dedicate myself to it for a very long time now. Hopefully November 2021 will help me to get back into things and end the year right.

I’ve got a plan (sort of) and I’ll probably add a post every week or so to let every one see my progress. Or lack thereof.

Wish me luck! Let’s hope I make it to the end!

What I’m Looking Forward To…

I may (read: definitely will) be absolutely crazy with NaNoWriMo in November, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop reading. Or, for that matter, eagerly anticipating all the amazing books that are coming out this month.

I’ve listed a bunch of amazing titles that I’m incredible excited for, and hopefully I’ll get a chance to grab a few before the year ends.

Also, there have already been some excellent ARC reviews of these books by Worlds Unlike Our Own (Skin of the Sea, and Within These Wicked Walls), and Chonky Books (All of Us Villains).

Both of them are incredible book bloggers, so please check them out, because they’re half the reason I’m so excited for these books!

Thank you so much for reading everyone. I hope you had a fantastic October and that the month ahead is even better.

Have a Happy November!

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